Noted Guests

We have had our fair share...

Le Manoir De St. Marcel has played host to many famous guests. Naturally, the reason they keep returning is partly due to the seclusion, privacy, & tranquility that they enjoy here. We have enjoyed the company of pop stars, actors, an Oscar winner, Top newspaper reporters, T.V. producers, & more.

Obviously I can't name them...

However! - On this occasion, I am authorised to mention Jack Emson, well-known author of the "The Four". This novel, aimed at teenagers, features Le Manoir De St. Marcel.

Here is  Amazon's Book Description...

A family trip to Paris goes wrong Four children are on the run Caught in between an extraordinary group of people trying to help the four and a ruthless man set on capturing them and..... the priceless item he wants so much. From the Louvre to the Dordogne, the Eiffel tower to London's West End, the four Fielding children find themselves in an adventure which takes each one of them into a new understanding of themselves and the world. The journey is everything!

  •    It was so good we bought the house next door.

    Hal Fowler
  •    I always holiday here with my partner.

    Jonny Coupland, Brighton
  •    We stayed at three gîtes in France this year, & La Porcherie was the best one.

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